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Me (15m) and my mother (42f), who I have lived with my entire life, are having pretty extreme philosophical clashes about privacy in her home. Am I ......


Sept. 13, 2019

Background information: I'm a 15-year-old male. I do very well in school, and this past summer I began a full-time job (usually above 40 hours every week during the summer, and averaging 25 during the school year) in fast food. I also like to smoke a little pot every now and then.
Because of this, my parents routinely take my phone (which I bought myself and pay all bills for), and my laptop (again, saved up for and purchased myself). My mother demands the password for both and goes through my room on a regular basis. This latest infraction resulted in her freezing my bank account, which I currently hold all my savings in. Due to this, I've been forced to cash all of my most recent paychecks, which results in large amounts of anxiety related to having such a large amount of cash not in a secure place.
Am I in the wrong here? They say that because I live under their roof, all of my property is theirs and it is their decision what to do with it when I "misbehave". Am I just having typical teenage issues or are these legitimate invasions of privacy/lack of respect for individual boundaries?
TL;DR: Typical teenage shenanigans result in extreme invasions of privacy. Or so I believe.
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