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Blasphemy laws in Saudi Arabia


Aug. 10, 2020

Blasphemy in Islam is impious utterance or action concerning God, insulting an angel, or denying the prophethood of one of the Islamic prophets.
The Quran curses those who commit blasphemy and promises blasphemers humiliation in the Hereafter.However, whether any Quranic verses prescribe worldly punishments is debated: some Muslims believe that no wordly punishment is prescribed while others disagree. The interpretation of hadiths, which are another source of Sharia, is similarly debated
In Saudi Arabia, which is home of the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) laws are an amalgam of rules from Sharia (mainly the rules formulated by the Hanbali school of jurisprudence but also from other schools of law like the Ja'fari school), royal decrees, royal ordinances, other royal codes and bylaws, fatwas from the Council of Senior Scholars (Saudi Arabia) and custom and practice.
To secure convictions, Saudi Arabia's administrative and judicial authorities routinely seek confessions. To secure confessions, the authorities commonly engage in severe violations of human rights. Persons accused of blasphemy may be subjected to torture or to cruel and degrading treatment as well as to prolonged and solitary detention. The proceedings which determine an accused's fate may be secret. Execution is usually by beheading with a sword for males and by firing squad for females .
Sentencing one to death for blasphemy is not always final. Some people accused of it escaped death through appeals.A good example is Sabri Bogday, Turkish barber who on 13 June 2007, appeared at a General Court at Jeddah on a charge of blasphemy. Bogday confessed to "swearing at Allah." The Court (three judges) sentenced Bogday to death. Bogday appealed the verdict but his appeal was denied.He appealed to the Appeals Court but his appeal was denied. He appealed to the Supreme Judicial Court but his appeal was denied. He appealed to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah. The king allowed the appeal upon Bogday's repentance and his plea to Allah for forgiveness. Bogday returned to Turkey on 27 January 2009
Yahaya Sharif, t he 22 year old singer sentenced to death today by Justice Aliyu Kani of the Upper Shari’a Court sitting at Hausawa Filin Hockey Kano should follow this path.
Do you think he can avert death through this method?
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