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Experts Call for Youth Involvement in Policy Enactment And Implementation

Elly Benz

July. 11, 2020

Dr Olive Ssentumbwe, the Family Health and Population advisor at the World Health Organization (WHO) has called upon the Government of Uganda to put youth at the forefront of the processes of designing and implementing policies aimed at improving their welfare.
Addressing youths from various parts of the country ahead of today’s World Population day event on state of National adolescent health policy framework in Kampala, Dr Ssentumbwe said Uganda has many good policies on paper than on the ground.
“Why is it that monitoring policies involve mainly adult programmers? The young people need to be involved in order to know what has been written for them so that in case they see things not moving as planned they can call for a platform to find solutions for the challenges,” she said.
On eliminating sexual violence against women and adolescent pregnancies Ssentumbwe called for a multi sectoral approach by various government organs as well as community leaders, religious leaders and families
She asked community members to side-line all men who marry off young girls, rapists and all perpetrators of sexual violence instead of blaming victims.
Mothers were also advised to distance themselves from marrying off their daughters at a tender age with an intention getting rich.
At the same event the Uganda Youth and Adolescent Health Forum released a report which indicated that majority of the youth in Eastern Uganda lack knowledge about the use of contraceptives and other planning methods
Winnie Apiyo the program Director at UYAHF and a  member of the research team revealed that they did this study in order to provide the Ministry health and other key players the exact image concerning adolescents health services for timely response.
Dr Dinah Nakiganda Assistant Commissioner for adolescent and school in Ministry of Health while launching the report, said the ministry working with other partners to ensure that all Ugandans in various parts of the country receive friendly services
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