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Mom Gets Death Threats After Posting Video Showing Method Of Teaching 8-Month-Old Son To Float


Jun. 29, 2020

Krysta Meyer is a mother-of-two from Colorado Springs. She recently took her eight-month-old son Oliver to a swimming school with a program designed to teach children survival skills should they ever fall into a pool.
Krysta filmed Oliver’s lesson and proudly posted snippets to TikTok, never expecting the response she’d soon receive.
“Oliver amazes me every week!” she captioned the video. “I can’t believe he is barely 2 months in and is catching on so fast. He is a little fish.”
During his lesson, the swim instructor was filmed launching the little boy into the pool without floaties. Oliver appeared to sink beneath the surface, then floated back to the top and laid on his back while being monitored by the instructor, but unassisted.
Krysta and the other parents cheered Oliver on as he floated all by himself, but many viewers have attacked her online over the controversial teaching techniques.
Now, she says the backlash has become so strong that she has even received death threats.
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