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'Coronavirus A Catastrophe To The World' Says British Singer


March. 26, 2020

Following the widespread deadly virus'' COVID-19'' British singer-songwriter Ralph McTell has said that the virus is indeed a catastrophe to the world.
The legendary artist made this known while speaking about a new verse of his legendary hit Streets of London, something he'd previously refused to do.
According to him, the song was first recorded in 1969, and sold 90,000 copies a day and has been covered by more than 200 artists.
Ralph, aged 75, is observing the lockdown in his London home. As a strong follower of news, he watched as the Covid-19 crisis spreads across the world.
He said: "This is of biblical proportions, this is a catastrophe and each day that goes by there is the realization that this is no dress rehearsal, this is actually going on right now and there is nothing we can do about it, except we try and follow the basic rules."
In his area of west London, it has manifested itself in warmer greetings and observing the rules of social distancing. He is aware of the paradox that what pushes us physically apart might bring us closer.
"I've got a little dog and took her for a walk yesterday. And I noticed people as they're getting closer to each other they just sort of smile and move apart and I thought, 'Ah the message is going in at last. Yes I think we're all going to be different after this.'"
Like his musical colleagues, Ralph is unable to perform in front of crowds for as long as Covid-19 remains a major public health hazard.
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