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Pregnant Women: Knowing If You're Carrying a Girl- Facts and Myths

Barongo KE

Feb. 18, 2020

Is it possible to predict your baby s.ex apart from going to the doctor for ultrasound? Here are the signs held traditionally that someone is having a girl pregnancy and whether they are scientifically true.
1. Severe morning sickness
Some believe that severe morning sickness is an indication of having a baby girl. Some believe that illness during pregnancy points to a baby girl.  It is true that women carrying girls experience more inflammation. This is based on a study done in 2017 which found that such inflammation occurred due to more exposure of their immune systems to bacteria compared to those having boys. This may influence women carrying girls to have severe morning sickness. They may feel more unwell than those carrying boys. However, more research is needed on this.
2. having Extreme mood swings
Mood swings during pregnancy are caused by hormonal changes. Some people think that women carrying girls have higher estrogen levels hence making them moody. There is no research supporting this theory hence making it questionable. Hormones rise during pregnancy and reduce after birth whether the baby is a girl or boy.
3. Weight gain around the middle
It is traditionally believed that if a woman gains a lot of weight around her middle during pregnancy, it means she is carrying a girl. There is no scientific evidence to support this theory. Where a woman gains weight purely depends on the type of her body.
4. Sugar cravings
It is often for pregnant women to have new cravings when pregnant. There is a popular believe that having sugar cravings indicates a girl while salt cravings link to having a boy. This is also scientifically unsupported myth.
5. Baby’s rapid heartbeat
There is a popular believing that if a baby’s heart beats very fast then she is female. Research however found no significant difference between heart rate in male and female fetus.
From this it can be concluded that the only sure way to determine if your pregnancy is of a boy or a girl is to have an ultrasound when the pregnancy is 20 weeks.
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