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Why There Might Be No Elections in 2022

Muhammad urs

Dec. 02, 2019

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi on Sunday, December 1, spelled doom on the 2022 general elections stating that there were chances that it could not be held as expected.
Speaking on his Fifth Estate Youtube segment titled Damaging Ignorance , Ngunyi sensationally insisted that there were gaps in the constitution that would make it easy for the elections to be challenged as unconstitutional should they be held on August 22, 2022.
Ngunyi quoted the Elections Act of 2011 that calls for presidential elections to be held on the second Tuesday of August in every fifth year as the reason why the 2022 general elections might be in contention.
"If you go to the constitutional court and seek judicial interpretation of the clause in the constitution, you'll be told that the fifth year would be on October 25, 2022, because the 2017 elections took place on October 26th," Ngunyi stated .
This, he explained, was two months above the August 22 threshold granted by the constitution, thereby presenting a possibility of the elections being successfully petitioned against.
The political analyst intimated that it was only Chief Justice David Maraga who could rescue the situation, a matter that in his opinion, the government was well aware of.
Maraga struck a raw nerve and wrote history when he called for the nullification of the 2017 general elections on the grounds that it was marred with irregularities and ordered for a rerun, which was then conducted in October 2017.
For this reason, Ngunyi narrated that the government was making sure that Maraga was comfortable enough and happy during his tenure as the Chief Justice for fear of reprisals in 2022.
Stating the recent example where CJ Maraga had lamented about the government budgetary cuts on the judiciary , Ngunyi stated that the government was quick to restore the full budget as Maraga had requested.
"He had been given money by the Treasury but still insisted that he was broke. You know what you do when you are the government, divert all the money to him and completely massage him," Ngunyi suggested.
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