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Wife (35F) thinks I'm (35M) cheating due to errant texts. How can I prove innocence or resolve this?


Nov. 07, 2019

They're not saying anything bad really just "oh man, tired, went to bed at 3am, barely got any sleep, (etc...)" followed by "not sure". They're just ambiguous enough and sent at 1am and 4am that she's convinced I was texting someone secretly. The thing is, I don't have any record of having sent anything from my phone. Plus I was asleep and we were the only two people in the house.
She finds it hard to believe that messenger or google voice accidentally delivered text messages from someone else. The messages on her end say they were sent from my Google Voice account. I asked her to call it back to make sure everything was setup correct and of course, my phone rang. Neither my messages nor Google Voice app show any messages being sent from me but obviously she doesn't believe me because people can delete messages.
After a long conversation where I reassured her that we're going to investigate it and that it was probably a glitch in the software, she text me back later with "who were you talking to? The chance that it was a glitch are so low!" So it's clearly opened up a wedge in an otherwise perfect and happy relationship.
I can't help but feel like I'm the target of some elaborate scheme to destabilize my marriage -- or maybe it was just a random glitch but you cannot even understand how much trust can instantly vaporize when there's that nagging thing that makes your spouse look shady and you can't just explain it away.
Added to this, because of my job's policies, she's was already vaguely paranoid because I have to keep a code on my phone and not share with anyone. I think it's crazy that there's any doubt about me though because I spend literally every moment with her (work, travel, eating, relaxing), probably 18-24 out of every 24 hrs. There isn't room for another woman! But in her eyes, that doesn't mean I can be carrying on some elicit thing on the side - i.e., text based infidelity or even just a secret relationship. Ugh.
Not sure about the best way to approach things, or how to prove my innocence. It seems like anything I say sounds like what every guilty guy says. Stuff like "you're being silly", "this is crazy", "i didn't do it", "that wasn't me I swear"...
**TL;DR; : Wife received texts that say they're from me, but I didn't send them and it's creating drama. How should I approach this?
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