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Queen Elizabeth II news: How snap election could endanger Queen's Christmas plans

Salisu Idris Sallama

Nov. 06, 2019

THE QUEEN was met by Boris Johnson today to mark the official start of election campaigning ahead of the December vote. Here’s how the snap election and subsequent Queen’s Speech could affect the royal’s holiday plans.
Queen Elizabeth II travels to Sandringham every Christmas where she enjoys a break away from London during the festive period. While the 93-year-old will be looking forward to a holiday following months of turmoil in Westminster, the impending election could upset her plans.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson met the Queen this morning to mark the start of the general election campaign.
A snap election is scheduled for December 12 when Britain will head to the polls again.
The results will be announced from the early hours of December 13 and a new Government will be formed soon after.
In the case of a hung Parliament, when no political party wins a majority, a coalition may need to be formed which could take longer.
However, neither House can proceed with any public business until there has been one.
The Tories are currently ahead in the polls and Boris Johnson has pledged to get his Brexit deal through Parliament before Christmas if he wins the election.
Whatever the election results it is highly unlikely the new Government will choose to delay business until after Christmas.
The Queen usually stays at Sandringham until February when she returns to London for royal business.
He said: “Since she came to the throne in 1952 the only comparable periods of crisis were the Suez crisis, when Britain's duplicity became notorious, in 1956 and the Winter of Discontent when the Labour Prime Minister James Callaghan was defeated at the polls after the country was mired in economic chaos in 1979.
“Obviously there is the toxicity that has surrounded the fateful topic of Brexit for over three years and will continue to do so whatever the result of the election.
“There is also the possibility of another hung parliament as well as the pressures which so many of its members feel when they are subjected to the abuse that sadly seems synonymous with public life today.
“Britain is clearly totally divided and the future seems dangerously unpredictable.”
“The Queen's Christmas broadcast usually brings tidings of goodwill and comfort during the festive season and is her personal message to Britain and the Commonwealth.
“One wonders what theme she will choose this year as the monarch, who is 94 next year, is the only symbol of stability the country currently has.”
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