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Young man whose mum said suffered 'session depression' after nights out took fatal overdose

Nate Nathan

Nov. 05, 2019

Niall Morgan, 25, died after taking morphine and amphetamine ordered from the 'dark web', an inquest heard
A young man whose mum said suffered 'session depression' between nights out took a fatal overdose of recreational drugs, an inquest heard.
Warehouse assistant Niall Morgan, 25, enjoyed going out, but it is thought he suffered severe come-downs after days of partying.
On August 17 last year, Mr Morgan was found dead in his bedroom home in Blackley after taking fatal amounts of drugs he ordered off the 'dark web'.
An inquest into his death heard that in the lead up to his death he had broken up with his partner and had Botox done - joking he would be 'fresh for the grave'.
Earlier, the Manchester hearing was told Mr Morgan took a lot of pride in his appearance and enjoyed partying with friends in the city centre.
His mother Joanne Morgan said: "He tried cocaine once and never tried it again and he did that with a few. He would just try once and if he didn’t like it he wouldn’t try it again.
"He admitted to taking heroin once and said he would never take it again, but he just tried it. He would come home and tell me what he had done then regret it for a couple of weeks and then do it again.
"He would disappear for days on end I would always know where he was but he would disappear for days on end. On the Thursday night he was a bit down and depressed – do they call it, session depression?
"He had actually been off it for a while and then gone out again."
When asked about whether Mr Morgan could have taken his own life, his mother said: ''He was eating as normal and sleeping as normal but he did struggle with sleeping.
"He was a bit down and fed up and whilst he's never said it to me, but he has said it to other people in the family that he was thinking about it.
"At one point he came home after having his lips and Botox and all that done and made a joke about how he was fresh for the grave and we all thought he was joking.
"He was always bubbly, dead bubbly always had to try and make everyone laugh. But then he had his down days where he would lock himself in his bedroom. When he was around people he was okay.''
"His friend had turned up at my house on the Friday and she had told everyone she knew he was going to do it. She told people they had planned it together. She said he had phoned her that night and begged her to come around.
'''They were close, they had sort of an up and down relationship but it got to the point he was trying to stay away from her. She would disappear or he would pull away from her.
"Niall would tell you everything, he was very open. I think he meant to do it. He went to see his friends the week before he did it."
A toxicology report showed Mr Morgan had excessive amounts of two specific drugs in his system.
A statement from his GP said: "The conversation was weird because it was convoluted, and I struggled to keep it on track.
"Niall was not sticking to the point. He was involved with drug misuse and told me he was getting medication from the 'dark web'.
"Niall was fully orientated, wasn’t depressed and didn’t admit to being suicidal.''
Police coroner's officer Elizabeth Davies said: "Uniformed officers attended and because of the nature of the drug paraphernalia found in the bedroom, detectives had to turn out to establish whether his death was suspicious.
"A phone and a laptop were seized from that address. We weren’t able to get into the phone, the tablet was one that Niall borrowed off his sister and there was some information on there he was chatting with friends stating that he has been chilling out on [a drug].
"There were lots of prescribed and unprescribed medication was found at the address. There was no letter of intent found at the scene, we were satisfied there was no third-party involvement."
Coroner Zak Golombeck recorded a conclusion of 'drug-related' death saying there wasn’t enough evidence to support a conclusion of suicide.
He said: ''Niall liked music and watching films, he loved making himself beautiful with makeup and going out. He took pride in his appearance, before his death he was in a long-term relationship, but they broke up.
"The cause of death is using excessive amounts of recreational drugs.
"I find I didn’t have sufficient evidence to record a conclusion of suicide in that there was insufficient evidence that Niall intended to take his own life.
"I would like to offer my condolences to family and friends."
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