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Pawsome Tails: A safe place for your pet


Oct. 09, 2019

Pets, especially dogs, need a lot of love and attention. But at times, they also need their own space. Most pets need a place that they know are their own and they can often become territorial over this space. But these spaces are important to them. As a pet owner myself, I would ideally love to work from home, or even bring my pets to work, but unfortunately, this is not an option. Luckily though, pets can handle short periods of time alone, especially with another furry friend around, and a safe zone to keep them comfortable and entertained.
The zone
A safe zone does not have to be a big area; in fact, most dogs prefer a smaller space that is quiet and comfortable. And a nice spot with a view of what is going on in the outside world, especially a spot from where they can comfortably relax and see the moment their parent returns after a long day at work. Vinkel and Koljander, for example, have a beautiful kennel that keeps them safe and dry from stormy weather and a lovely spot under the carport where they can spot me the second I get home.
I also always leave them with plenty of toys and very importantly, a big bowl of freshwater in the shade.
Safety first
Should you leave your pet inside while you away make sure you create a stimulating environment that is also pet-proof. Make sure that you store any harmful products in a place that your pet can’t get into. Ensure that they cannot get into any cupboards. Hide, or tape down any electric wires, especially if you have a young puppy that is prone to chew things. Make sure that they cannot get into your dustbin and put away all valuable objects, such as TV remotes and shoes.
Some pet parents who leave their dogs inside leave the TV or the radio on. This can provide entertainment, comfort and help to calm an anxious pet.
Should you leave your pets outside, make sure that your yard is safe and there is no way they can escape, get stuck or get into any trouble.
A place to snuggle
Dogs spend about 50 percent of the day sleeping, so make sure they have a comfortable place to rest. This can be a kennel, a dog bed inside your home, or you can even leave them an old t-shirt as a sensory reminder of you.
Boredom busters
While your dog may sleep most of the day away, there will also be times when they are wide awake and full of energy. Tennis balls and chewy toys, or even hooves and rawhide chews are great at keeping them busy. However, make sure you don’t give your dog something they could potentially choke on. And always, always make sure they have plenty of freshwaters.
The most important thing is to make sure you have a pet zone that is safe and comfortable for your furry friend to hang out until you return home from work.
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