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Kalonzo's Message To ODM: "No One Party Can Disband NASA"


Oct. 04, 2019

Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka has told off ODM Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna over calls to disband NASA. 
NASA constitutes ODM, ANC, Wiper and Ford Kenya parties. Only wiper has not fielded a candidate for the Kibra parliamentary by-election. 
Sifuna said ANC, and Ford Kenya defied the call for unity as a coalition and went ahead to field candidates, a move that calls for the disbandment of the coalition.
Addressing the media on Monday at Wiper headquarters in Karen, Nairobi, Kalonzo said that no one party can dissolve the National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition.
"ANC, Ford Kenya and ODM, each of them have candidates. These are coalitions in NASA, this is a by election, it will not ruin, in my view never mind what the Secretary-General of ODM said there that he has instructions to disband, I don't know to do what. No one party can disband NASA coalition," said Kalonzo.
However, Kalonzo said that the legal binding of the coalition states that only three parties can decide to disband it.
He said that if ODM leaves NASA, the coalition will remain intact.
"So even if our friends in ODM leave NASA, NASA will still be intact and that is a clear legal position," he added.
National Super Alliance (Nasa) is a house in trouble. And unlike the proverbial glass house, the members are not bothered throwing stones.
ODM feels betrayed by her coalition partners and has announced it is shopping for new partners as wrangles persist.
But Amani and Ford Kenya say ODM is insincere while Wiper is dismissing the threat as the abstractions of an excited secretary-general (Edwin Sifuna).
On Tuesday, ODM Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna told Nation that “Nasa died a long time ago.” Declaring that he has Mr Odinga’s blessings in pushing for the dissolution of the coalition, Mr Sifuna said: “We now want to formalise it and perform the final rites. Fresh coalitions will emerge from the Kibra election, whatever the result.”
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