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I won't apologize for having a great body - Anita Joseph slams friend for hating

Taiwo Owolawi

Aug. 06, 2019

- Thick Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph, has taken to her page to slam friends who gossip about her shape
- According to the actress she found out one of her friend talks badly about her curves to other people
- The actress explained that she is not going to apologise for having a great body
The current trend in the entertainment industry seems to be about ladies undergoing surgeries to have a more voluptuous body. Despite the fact that some people get their curves done by doctors, others are blessed with it naturally.
Popular Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph, is one of such actresses with a body to die for and it is no wonder that she faces hate from envious ladies from time to time.
In a recent post on Instagram, Anita explained that she just discovered that one of the people she regards as friends actually gossip about her figure to other people.
Speaking further, the actress explained that she would not apologise for having a great body and she is actually better than those who gossip about her.
She wrote: “Some one that I know somewhere sat and discussed me with some people, how I make videos and show my body. You’re lucky I don’t even do it naked. That same body you want so so bad am not gonna apologise for having a great body at all...Am actually a better person than you. You gossip me behind and come to me and blow me cool breeze!! Ndi aruruala !!Shame on you …my God found you out...And again am a better person than you are. You just prefer to do yours hiding oshi”
Nawa o.
This is actually quite interesting seeing as Dabota has also had work done on her body. Some fans called her out on this.
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