“I dare any lady to come out and disgrace me that I slept with her for a favour” – Ola Michael.

Sarah akiru

March. 31, 2021

Ola Michael dares any lady he has ever had an affair with in exchange for a movie role to come out and disgrace him.
Privileged Ghanaian media personalities and producers sleeping with uprising musicians and actresses in place of favour, is getting out of hands nowadays.
A Ghanaian film maker, artist manager and award winning radio personality, Michael Kwaku Ola, mostly referred to as Ola Michael, made a controversial statement to an actress about this issue few days ago.
According to him, if you are a young lady looking forward to gain prominence in the entertainment industry, then be prepared to be chopped by the industry players.
Few days after his controversial statement, Ola Michael has come out again with something related to his claims.
Speaking as a host on Neat FM, Ola Michael dared any lady he has ever slept with before giving her a movie role, to come out and disgrace him.
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