What Makes A Car Cheaper To Maintain

Daniel Ndiwa

March. 01, 2021

Whenever one gets a new car, one of the most important things to look at is the car maintenance. Fuel is mostly one of the common things most people look at and maybe forget about other maintenance cost.
Different cars have different maintenance cost and most people will always go for what suit them them the most. Well, there are some of the factors that will always make a car cheaper to maintain depending on the model and the make of the car. However, here are what to consider when looking for a cheaper car to maintain.
Easily accessible spare parts
The more the parts of the car are hard to operate, the more expensive it gets. The mechanic will always have a hard time getting into your car and will charge you more depending on how deep he got into the car. Find a car that is easier to access its internal parts.
The fuel consumption
The less the car uses when it comes to fuel, the cheaper to maintain it gets. Those cars that are fuel guzzlers are usually hard to maintain. Those that consume little or less fuel compared to others are often cheaper to maintain. Their engines are usually less than 1000 cc.
Easily obtained spare parts
In Kenya, the most common car is Toyota. Toyota has one of the most accessible parts more than any other car. When this parts are easily available in the market, they are often cheaper to get. When the parts become too many, they are usually brought into conformity with standard so that most people can get access to them.
Easy technology
Some cars have a very simple technology while others have complicated one. Find out those cars that have simple technology. The new model cars are so much advanced that makes it even more expensive whenever one takes them to a mechanic. The older the model the cheaper the car is to maintain.
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