Operation Of Disc Brakes And Air Brakes Of A Vehicle

erick mkala mwafrika

Feb. 28, 2021

Disc Brakes Operation
The disc brakes are made of casted iron bolted in wheel axile. It has good friction properties, wear resistance and eat resistance. When brake pedal is depressed fluid is dispassed to the system and moves the carliper piston and pards towards the disc. Great brake pressure increase breaking force.
When pedal is released piston is returned to its original position by piston seal. Applying brakes causes seal distort. Releasing break cause seal to take its original shape and position.
As the break pad wears the piston is moved by the seal to take up a new position that is the seal retracts the position by only the small amount of space caused by wear. This means that the disc brakes is automatically adjustable.
Some of advantages of disc brakes is that they are simple in construction and parts are visible and wear is easy to see, has sae power in stopping and forwarding and reverse and also disc brakes are self adjusting.
Air Brakes Operation
It is made of compressor. Generates a supply of compressed air to operate the breaking system. When driver steps on the pedal the control valve allow compressed air from the resorver to flow through the brake lines to the brake cylinder. The compressed air forces piston or diaphragm in the wheel cylinder to move and cause the attached push links to operate the shoes and conduct the rotating drum.
The friction created slows down the drum and the road wheels. The compressor sucks air from atmosphere and raises its pressure to a higher pressure to operate the system. The air is filtered and any droplets removed when break pedal is released. Pressure in breakline drop return well in wheel assemblies retract and shoes are pooled away from drum surface. Pressure gauge indicates 9 pressure.
Some of advantages of air brakes is that drivers effort is drastically reduced, breaks are more effective and rombust and also has more safety features.
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