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Find Out New- Car Safety Features 2021 Cars Must Have


March. 02, 2021

There' s no denying that our expectations for new cars are higher than they' ve ever been.
With each passing year, autonomous driving becomes a more common occurrence, five- star ANCAP ratings become more difficult to come by, and standard equipment lists become longer.
Put simply: we want smarter (and safer) cars than we do. Simply put. And companies are responding to this desire with an endless game of renovation.
Now, driver support and safety features, once " ground firsts" or, at least on the ground, are becoming commonplace in and beyond high- speed models.
While autonomous emergency braking, lane departure alerts and rear view cameras are excellent, the modern car buyer can no longer be satisfied.
Below, we complement the new technology and features on our cars.
1. Center airbags
A relatively new airbag is becoming a must have for modern cars, although we know about the front, side and curtain airbags: the central airbag.
According to ANCAP, " centre- mounted airbags are designed to provide coating in side impact or rollover crashes between the heads of the two front- seats. "
" These airbags deploy from the driver' s seat side and may minimize damage to the neck and backbone, " explains ANCAP.
Few recently released ANCAP models, including the Toyota Yaris, the Kia Sorento, the Mazda BT- 50 or the Isuzu D- Max, have already been rated ANCAP 5 star.
2. Adaptive cruise control with lane- trace and stop- and- go
Recall how futuristic the basic cruise control felt? It' s not as exciting these days, unless you have the word ' active' or ' adaptive. '
In most active or adaptive control systems, a vehicle is positioned in front of radar- based systems that slow or speed up the traffic flow.
More advanced offers can identify changes in the live speed limit and slowly change to a stop on red lights or bumper- to- bumper traffic before restarting again.
With the tracking aid, active cruising control allows a semi- autonomous driving of your car, which keeps you centered on your track. Steering around the bends and keeping the slowing vehicles in front safe distance.
3. Safe exit warnings
When your vehicle is also stopped, comprehensive car safety should work.
At the Kia Carnival in 2021, the ' safe exit alert' and ' safe exit assistance' systems are used to detect potential risks when the automobile is less than 3 km/h using sensors located near the backlights.
If a hazard– such as a cyclist or a car– is detected, an alarm is raised and the passengers' doors are locked automatically by the child lock until it clears.
The Hyundai Palisade 2021, like many Audi vehicles, also offers this ability, although the exit alert system of Audi cannot lock the doors automatically.
4. Remote parking and exit systems
Supervised cars can be parked by drivers– but even more advanced cars don' t even have to have the driver in their vehicles.
Cars Tesla offer an optional ' Smart Summon' feature which enables equipped vehicles to leave a car park independently and drive to their owners about 60 meters or less.
Meanwhile, Kia offers the new Sorento version called ' Remote Smart Parking Assist. ' This allows drivers to autonomous movement into and out of their vehicle with the fob key.
Though the cars can enter and exit tight car parks safely, drivers and passengers can be trapped in because of the limited room for doors to be opened.
5. Live blind- spot video feeds
Most modern cars offer some sort of blind- spot monitoring to warn you of the presence of another vehículo with a vibration of a beep or steering wheel.
Honda offers something called " LaneWatch, " which gives the owner of the Audi e- tron an opportunity to replace its side mirrors with cameras, displaying a live video feed from your blind spot on a 7. 0- inch display at the base of the A- pillars.
2021 The Kia Sorento lets you check for cyclists, cars and footballers without turning your eyes away from the road by throwing a live video feed of your blind spot into the digital display. On the Hyundai Palisade 2021 a similar system is also offered.
6. Overhead or 360- degree cameras
Although most modern models now come with a rear- view camera and parking sensors, some now offer an overhead camera, a 360 degree camera or a 3D display to the eye of your car.
This is especially useful if parking and handling in tight areas or if the external perimeters of an especially large car are tried to gage with some systems that can pull up at certain places around the vehicle to navigate clamps or specific obstacles.
Manufacturers, such as Jaguar Land Rover, even literally took the phrase " 360°" to allow drivers to simulate a searchable cap when they were off- road, by adding an increased view to certain models.
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